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The Vitamin Curse

By The People's Chemist

Stop taking your “vitamins.” They cause weakened bones, gout, hair loss, heart failure, depression, lethargy, and a lot more. This makes them no different than most medications—they’re loaded with side effects. That’s because the vitamin market is cursed. Ultimately, it’s Big Pharma and Big Chemical posing as a health industry. They aim to correct a “vitamin deficiency” that doesn’t exist. Whether they’re sold on shelves, added to food as “fortification,” or tossed into baby formula, very few products are safe from the vitamin curse.


The earliest mention of this curse came from the French chemist, Jean Baptiste Dumas in 1870. His keen observations serve as a wise history lesson and warning to future generations.

During the Siege of Paris, infants and toddlers died at record rates, due to the milk supply being cut off. Leveraging the war, opportunists began making and selling artificial milk. The death toll rose as a result of the fake milk. Dumas warned against trying to mimic nature. He asserted that, “The siege of Paris will have proved that we must still leave to nurses the mission of producing milk.”


In 1912, the vitamin curse found new ground. Dr. Casimir Funk, PhD and chemist, coined the word “vitamin” from vital-amine. He used it to describe the vital importance of amino acids (amine) and protein in the body. Thiamine became one of the first so-called “vitamins.”

The Vitamin Curse

Thiamine activates the creation of cellular energy. It also plays a role in propagating nerve impulses and ensuring memory and focus. If we don't get it from dietary sources like brown rice, fish, and beans—then cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems begin to fail. This is commonly seen in the disease beriberi. From that point on, the word vitamin meant “any micronutrient that is required for growth and sustenance but cannot be made by the body.”


Previously reliant on producing dye, the struggling chemical industry found a new profitable niche. They catapulted themselves into a synthetic vitamin superpower that got rich off of selling fake vitamins. Chemistry synthesis soared to new heights. Rather than sell or promote thiamine-rich food, the chemical industry rebranded lab-made thiamine into a “vitamin” in the early 1900’s. It sold worldwide under the marketing claim that it cured beriberi.

What was once a triumph of chemistry became a hijack of nature. Just like fake milk was deadlier than the Siege of Paris, the vitamin curse has robbed people of their God-given natural health ever since.


The peer-reviewed medical journal Cancer Genomics and Proteomics echoed Jean Baptiste Dumas’ warning: “Thiamine [synthetic] supplementation may contribute to a high rate of tumor cell survival, proliferation and chemotherapy resistance.” Anything made in a lab bench and labeled as a vitamin today will prove to be harmful.

The Vitamin Curse

This hasn’t stopped chemical giants from tricking the world into choking down their wares in the name of avoiding “vitamin deficiencies.” Chemical Engineering and News showed how successful they’ve become, saying, “Vitamins also played a big role in the rise of drug companies like Switzerland’s F. Hoffmann-La Roche and Germany’s E. Merck. In the course of supplying the essential nutrients to a population that often lacked them, these companies learned how to carry out pharmaceutical chemistry with efficiency and on an industrial scale.”

Big Pharma and the newly minted snake-oil salesmen pushing “vitamins” are keeping the curse stronger than ever today in 2023! Enter vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin A, NAD+, calcium, vitamin C, and so many more that are added to milk, formulas, gummy vitamins, electrolytes, and anything else they can slap a pretty label on. These are all synthetic vitamins.


Nobody is deficient in fake vitamins. Most people are deficient in un-processed food, sunshine, purified water, and exercise. Add to that an all-out overdose in sugar, artificial flavors, and prescription drugs, and you have the perfect recipe for the worst health in human history.

Big Pharma and the newly minted snake-oil salesmen pushing “vitamins” are keeping the curse stronger than ever today in 2023!

Anything that isn’t plant-or food-based will trash your liver, kidney, and lifespan, regardless of the claims written on the label. This is because the human body isn’t meant to process synthetic ingredients.


The easiest way to avoid becoming a victim is to shun anything labeled as a vitamin and stay away from all “fortified” foods. When you need real medicine, go natural first! Plant-based medicines have been outperforming prescription drugs for thousands of years. 

As The People’s Chemist for more than two decades, I’ve watched them successfully cure heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer while also help improve active lifestyles by maximizing athleticism at any age!  This experience proves that when you ditch the meds and start using natural medicine, you’re never too old to live young!

“Nobody is deficient in fake vitamins. Most people are deficient in un-processed food, sunshine, purified water, and exercise.”

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