Time To Ditch Your Meds

No More Pharmacy Visits, Diets or Excuses… and More Energy, Focus and Stamina to Live Young at Any Age

The World's First and Only Custom Program Designed to Help You Ditch The Meds For Life!


Activate your bodies natural mechanism to heal itself with Custom Diet Guidelines, CustomWorkouts, Fully Customized Natural Cure Protocol and Unlimited Support from ThePeople’s Chemist via Text, Email and Monthly Q and A Calls


Work Directly With The People's Chemist!

  • Custom Diet Guidelines
  • Custom Workouts
  • Custom Natural Cure Protocol
  • Custom Med Weaning Protocol
  • Unlimited Text/SMS
  • Monthly Q&A Conference Calls
  • get 20% off all natural cures
LOSE 20lb – 30lb


I've been a medicinal chemist for 30 years! And during that time, I've lived on the front lines of Failed Diets, Prescription Drugs Side-Effects and Medical Errors. "One Nation Under Meds," my life mission is to help you live young, without the orange pill bottles. I do this via custom coaching that utilizes Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT)! This is the only program in the world that optimizes your hormone balance, output and sensitivity (BOS) without using a single medication, HRT or “bio-identical” hormone scam!

"Being overweight not only affected my life but it affected my self-esteem and I weighed about 375 lbs. I never wanted to be active and it was a pretty depressing life. I got the book Over-The-Counter Natural Cures and I started reading and following the chapter on diabetes and within days I started feeling better. Now I've lost over 200 lbs with ton of energy."

— Tom

Time To Ditch Your Meds

  • no more bp fears
  • no more thyroid pills
  • no more antidepressants
  • no more trt or "bioidenticals!"
  • no more Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
  • no more insulin


For the last twenty years, my wife and I have been outspoken advocates for natural health. We've had 4 home births and are dedicated to helping people live young. I hold a masters degree in organic chemistry and am a former bench chemist for Big Pharma.

After winning numerous awards in medicinal chemistry I abandoned my career to become a whistleblower on corrupt marketing practices and FDA approval. As The People's Chemist, my goal is to help you ditch the meds with Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) so you can live a healthier, more active life.

Your Chemical-Free Lifestyle

Whether it’s depression, cancer, or belly fat, ditching the meds and living chemical free is the single most important way to live young.

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