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Your Hormones: 3 Secrets for Living Young and Ditching The Meds!

By The People's Chemist

As The People's Chemist, I've been helping people ditch their meds for over twenty years. My #1 goal has always been the same: to help people live a healthier, more active lifestyle without a single medication or vaccine.


Most of my customers aren't athletes. They're everyday people who want a richer life experience without obesity, depression, injury, and illness. Whether you're training for a pro athletic event or just tackling life's daily challenges, the main principle of optimal health, immunity, and sports performance is the same—you must have Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) if you want to live enthusiastically and tirelessly.


I don't mean the commonly used hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is toxic and often leads to depression, anxiety, and cancer. Nor do I mean the misunderstood and risky bio-identical hormones. Both are the antiquated business models of desperate salesmen.

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Just as winds direct how clouds move, hormones direct the biological actions taking place in your body. Hormones are messenger molecules that trigger  a myriad of biochemical signals, which control and stimulate a fleet of enzymes, neurotransmitters, and even your DNA (hereditary material).


Your hormones help to orchestrate your immunity, breathing rate, heartbeat, oxygen delivery, cellular water balance, caloric intake, and even your emotions. They can also turn on life-enhancing, protective genes while turning off the deadly ones.


Hormones play a huge role in your body composition. They regulate metabolism, stimulate or relieve hunger, regulate blood sugar, and control whether you store fat or burn it and build muscle. Hormones are like the "symphony director" guiding whether you have a body you love or a body you hate. To master all of these bodily processes, you must master hormone intelligence!


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When your body has "hormone intelligence," it means you have proper hormone balance, output, and sensitivity (BOS). This is vital to ensure a biological process known as "cellular turnover."


Hormone intelligence is a delicate and complex process, and surprisingly easy to control. It's your body's natural way of producing its own unique medicine and achieving hormone balance, output, and sensitivity. It has nothing to do with "hormone levels." In fact, that's why hormone testing is a waste of time and money, if not an outright scam often employed by wannabe nutritionists and lackey doctors, chiropractors, and dietitians.


The "intelligence" that plants use to capture sunlight or take up nutrients from the soil and convert these things into energy for growth is the same intelligence your body uses to heal itself and preserve a healthy physique. That's hormone intelligence. It's perfectly natural and happens without you having to think about it—as long as you're not sabotaging it with non-emergency medications and poor lifestyle and dietary habits.

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This is about more than just measuring hormone output levels—it's about optimizing your own output, balance, and sensitivity (BOS)! Your body is making hormones, balancing them, and responding to them as you're reading this. The question is—is the BOS working properly? Or is it out of whack?

Obesity and Meds Shouldn't Be the Norm

For 23 years, my wife and I have been dedicated to athletic pursuits and extreme endurance events. We've flown our plane over the Sea of Cortez. She won the Arnold Amateur as a mom of 2 and recently competed and won at the state level as mom of 4. I've competed at the highest level of Brazilian jiu jitsu as a black belt and wrestling at 47 years old. Together, we've tackled home births, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, half marathons, adventure racing, and whatever else could keep us grounded, focused and connected—all while raising 4 active kids.

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In our 40s now, we feel more like science experiments than athletes. Most of our peers are either morbidly obese or "skinny fat" and choking down a handful of toxic pills under the guise of "health care." Sadly, that shit has become the norm. Sure, we're going to age, get old, and die. But not without riding the fucking wheels off of life—at the top of our game—free of medications!


From broken ankles and collar bones, to torn ligaments (ACL, MCL, and meniscus) and twisted knees, and even concussions and neck injuries, we've experienced it all. And we've recovered from it all.


We never went to the doctor. Every last injury was overcome and healed naturally. In fact, we refuse any and all health insurance and instead have our own "insurance savings" that has grown to massive proportions over the two decades since starting it! It's even paid for vacations around the world. Meanwhile, most of our peers are ill, limping through life, and being legally robbed by politicians who work for the Fraudulent Health Insurance Cartel (FHIC).


Each time we've successfully recovered from an injury, we've learned more than any book, physician, or even chemist could teach. After over twenty years of research, I've learned that total health and happiness can only come from one thing: hormone intelligence.


When your hormones are out of balance, you feel like shit…both physically and mentally.


Very few people are benefitting from hormone intelligence. Among teens and adults alike, there's an epidemic of:

  1. Ravenous appetite
  2. Improper weight management
  3. Frequent injury
  4. Poor recovery
  5. Sugar addiction
  6. Brain fog and headaches
  7. Immune system deficiency
  8. Depression and anxiety
  9. Irregular and painful menstruation
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Most, if not all of these symptoms, are self-created and self-perpetuated. All of them are the leading cause of premature aging, poor health, and ruined athletic careers due to "hormonal ignorance." Obesity and nagging injuries become plagues that most people never recover from. In time, these issues lead to diabetes, cancer, and premature death. It's not supposed to be like this.


The human body was designed to conquer its surroundings with total health, naturally. If you can't exercise or enjoy the physical activity that makes you tick, you simply can't live young. If you can't learn how to recover from the onslaught of activity, aging becomes a curse rather than a blessing.


Being agile, quick, flexible, and strong can easily last well into your later years! But only if you learn to support your body's natural hormone intelligence. You're the boss of your health—so take control of your hormone "BOS."



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The Science of Hormone Intelligence

The key to Hormone Intelligence Therapy (HIT) is to master hormone balance, output, and sensitivity (BOS) among the insulin, glucagon, estrogen, and testosterone in your body, without any drugs or meds. Once you control these key hormones via lifestyle changes and plant-based medicine, your entire hormonal chain of command falls in line like an orchestra playing in perfect unison (with a director who has his head on straight). Most importantly, once this happens, you optimize athletic performance, injury repair, and aging via the biological process known as "cellular turnover."


Aging, injury, and exercise involve the breakdown (injury) of tissue. To repair, the body replaces old cells with new ones. It's like a lizard replenishing its tail via "molting." You could think of it as a microsurgery performed by your own body. That's cellular turnover in a nutshell.

Straight Talk - Hormone Intelligence

In a normal, healthy body, 30 trillion cells live in a complex, interdependent relationship, regulating the replenishment and replacement of used cells. These cells work in unison to guide mental health, immune function, organ function, and hormone function. It's an extremely integrated collaboration that causes a healthy body to build anew every few years! Think of cellular turnover as the "invisible force" that guides the body's ability to heal. Without it, we're operating on injured, decayed, aging cells that are vulnerable to repeat injury and illness.


If cellular turnover is hindered, senescence (the rapid deterioration of cell function) ramps up, and we age prematurely. This explains why some people have nagging injuries—their bodies aren't fully healing. They lack hormone intelligence, which is required to ensure that cellular turnover (the healing process) is activated. Instead, senescence has gained momentum. Like a rusty nail, the body begins to erode.


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That Which Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Cellular turnover is not newfangled science. Forensic scientists use the phenomenon of "cell replacement" to measure the time of death at a crime scene. They look at how long cells have ceased turnover to identify when a murder occurred.


As a living, breathing human being, you want your cells actively being swapped out for newer, more energetic and supple ones on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, you're like a corpse stuck in a moving body…the "living dead"! (You can see this in people who never fully healed and have permanent limps or hunched-over postures.)


Once an old, brittle cell has been replaced with a newer one via cellular turnover, the mitochondria of that cell, along with the DNA and rDNA, become more robust and responsive to the environment. They adapt!

Straight Talk - Stronger

With proper hormone intelligence, aged, diseased cells are removed and counterbalanced by natural selection. Ultimately, this allows for better life experience and survival. It's the biological version of, "That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." Due to the modern-day onslaught of:

  1. Prescription medications
  2. Artificial flavors
  3. Steroids (a.k.a. TRT or testosterone replacement therapy)
  4. Junk sports supplements (glutamine, vitamin D, folic acid, Gatorade, and so many more)
  5. Sugar
  6. Being sedentary

…our innate repair mechanism of hormone intelligence and cellular turnover has been dismantled! Instead of living young, most people are suffering from hormonal ignorance.

What is Hormonal Ignorance?

Just like hormone intelligence is marked by optimum balance, output, and sensitivity (BOS), the modern-day plague of hormonal ignorance is marked by:

  1. Poor Hormone Output
  2. Poor Hormone Balance 
  3. Poor Hormone Sensitivity     

This is like the symphony director who can't get the orchestra to play the right sounds at the right time. It's a mess.


At first, victims of hormonal ignorance experience lethargy, anxiety, depression, abnormal and painful menstruation, and a lack of sexual potency and desire. Over time, hormonal ignorance can change your physical appearance, resulting in accelerated aging, wrinkles, and poor complexion. The most serious long-term manifestations of hormonal ignorance are morbid obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), infertility, Type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and almost every other chronic disease known to man.


When your body is hormonally ignorant your appetite rages, causing you to keep eating when you should feel satisfied.


You feel undeniable cravings, despite your best efforts to ignore them. Your body gets programmed to store fat instead of burning it.

Straight Talk - Hormones

As the years go by, the extra pounds keep piling up. Losing weight becomes virtually impossible. When hormonal ignorance reigns, a total lack of harmony sets in. Life-sustaining testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones, human growth hormone (hGH), leptin, ghrelin, amylin, cholecystokinin, glucagon, insulin, and so many others cease to function properly. (The symphony director is drunk at this point.)


No drug or medication will save you from the modern affliction of hormonal ignorance. Not even the highly touted Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can increase your body's own hormone output. Nor can it restore your hormone balance or "re-sensitize" you to your God-given hormones that replenish health and youthful vigor. That's why chasing hormone levels via a test and subsequent flooding of specific, man-made hormones aren't working for millions of people—and are instead ruining their health.

How Packaged Food, Vitamins, and Drinks are Ruining Your Health

No matter what your age is, you can begin to reverse hormone ignorance starting today. The first step is to stop ingesting medications and foreign compounds found in everyday food and drink. Think: margarine, aspirin, soda, Gatorade, candy, fast food, artificial colors and flavors, and "vitamins." In toxicology, they're not even considered edible; they're known technically as "xenobiotics."


A xenobiotic is anything that's foreign to the body. It rips your kidneys apart and shreds the liver, making it work overtime to process the unknown substance. A xenobiotic also causes hormones to go awry. The end result is premature wrinkles and low energy.


I refer to xenobiotics as "chemical shit storms." They're the enemy of athletic recovery, aging well, and endurance. These include foreign substances like sugar, artificial sweeteners, and synthetic forms of vitamins like cholecalciferol (Vitamin D2 and D3), ascorbic acid (wrongly labeled as "vitamin C"), folic acid, and prescription meds like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Once ingested, these foreign toxins ignite a flurry of inflammation that leads to liver and kidney stress, poor hormone balance, output, and sensitivity (BOS), obesity, and depression.


Of course, these same "ingredients" are also causing everyone in the population to become inactive, lethargic, and prone to aging prematurely. Cellular turnover is impaired and aging is put on fast forward. 

Best Diet Tricks for Hormone Intelligence

Ensuring proper turnover among athletes and everyday people is mostly "subtractive" rather than "additive." This means you must first learn how to remove all the fake foods, drinks, and supplements from your diet…starting today.


Swap out these common xenobiotics for healthier alternatives:

  1. Replace cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and Splenda with raw organic honey or stevia.
  2. Replace tap water and the carcinogenic Pedialyte with reverse osmosis and/or mountain spring water.
  3. Replace all plastic with ceramic or glass.
  4. Replace plastic-tainted coffee such as Keurig with gravity-feed or French press coffee.
  5. Replace your doctor's advice with my books 3 Worst Meds and Over-The-Counter Natural Cures Expanded—which will give you a plan to wean from all medications such as aspirin, antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood thinners, and blood pressure pills. 
  6. Visit to apply for a custom plan to ditch the meds. (No bullshit or excuses allowed. Real goals mandatory to  be accepted.)

After eliminating xenobiotics, your body will finally be able to restore hormone intelligence so that it can replicate newer, more vibrant, healthier cells and organs. You'll look and feel like a whole new person.


Next step is to fix your diet by eliminating snacking and eating only 3 meals per day—spaced out by 5-6 hours. Optimize your calorie intake so that you undergo a caloric restriction daily.


Plan your macronutrients for proper hormone intelligence by starting with 50% protein, 30% fat, and 20% complex carbohydrates. Meals for athletes should consist of some variation of:

  1. Proteins: humane-raised beef, liver, fish, chicken, egg whites, turkey, cottage cheese, unsweetened plain yoghurt, homemade chicken broth/soup, whey protein (Whey Advanced)
  2. Fats: all-natural peanut butter, avocado, seeds, nuts, coconut oil, butter, unsweetened plain yoghurt, egg yolks, chicken and beef stock
  3. Complex carbs: rice, vegetables, quinoa, steel cut oats, hummus, and fruit (if you're cutting weight for an athletic event, cut out the fruit!). 

All of these foods are slow digested and ensure that you don't have low blood sugar and corresponding "psychoglycemia" during the 5-6 hour fasting windows. These fasting periods will force your body to optimize its hormone balance, output, and sensitivity (BOS) so that you begin controlling your hunger and caloric intake, naturally—akin to controlling your breathing rate and heartbeat.


At the same time, testosterone, glucagon, and insulin sensitivity will naturally increase, and you'll see a corresponding increase in muscle mass, metabolism, and energy. The fasting windows are also great for skin complexion and longevity because it forces skin cells to replicate healthier and more vibrantly.


Note: During your fasting windows, drink lemon water, tea with cinnamon, Yerba mate, or coffee to help your hormones control appetite. (I'd limit all caffeine after 1pm so you don't disrupt your sleep!)


If you want hormone intelligence and the healthy aging that comes with cellular turnover, stop eating sugar. Nothing ruins your hormonal ecosphere more than sugar…and alcohol. In fact, it could be said that eating sugar is like pushing the accelerator pad on aging. It's an important lesson to learn if you want to avoid premature wrinkles, age spots, fatigue, depression, and the sugar-eating diseases of Type II diabetes and heart disease.


The term "sugar" refers to sucrose, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, maltose and the milk sugar, lactose. Sugar has a long history of wanton destruction.


Christopher Columbus began cultivating sugar on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Within decades, the rain forest had been cleared and the native population was completely eliminated by disease and war courtesy of sugar production. In time, the demand birthed the slave trade! African slaves were shipped over to carry on sugar harvesting. Greed and addiction fueled these injustices and gave us the sugar overdose that almost killed me. So much for celebrating Columbus Day.


Unlike natural sugars consumed via whole fruits, processed sugar forges an emotional addiction by triggering the same pleasure centers in the brain that illegal drugs do. Thus, the more you have, the more you want. Just look at the stats:

  1. In 1700, the average Englishman consumed 4 pounds of sugar a year. 
  2. A hundred years later, the average man ate 18 pounds of a sugar a year.
  3. In 1870, this increased to 47 pounds annually.
  4. By 1900, a whopping 100 pounds of sugar a year were being choked down.
  5. Today, it's worse and people are dropping like flies from it, yet wanting more!
Straight Talk - Blood Sugar Control

The need for more and more sugar stems from the surge in feel-good molecules triggered by sugar consumption. Once the sugar high dissipates, the brain is depleted, leaving us wanting and needing more. This leaves the sugar user feeling lethargic and lazy, pushing them to seek out more sugary feel-good highs. All are the result of high—then low—blood sugar. At the same time, this roller coaster injects enormous cravings for junk food, alcohol, and nicotine into the brain, which is why abstaining from these vices without addressing hormone intelligence is futile. Once consumed, sugar revs up a biological process known as "cell division." Normally, this allows your body to repair itself.


As cells decay and grow old, they're slowly and meticulously replaced with healthier offspring, via the precision of a Swiss watchmaker.


But with excess sugar, it forces cells to divide and replicate prematurely. By rushing the process, each cell is slowly eroded and replaced with an unhealthy counterpart. That's because every time your cells divide prematurely, a small portion of your DNA is lost.


As you blindly consume sugar, the DNA gets shorter and shorter and your genetic map is lost. Finally, it disappears and the cell stops dividing and dies way before its time. Physical aging occurs as more and more cells reach the end of their lifecycle.

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As sugar consumption continues, your muscles get weaker, wrinkles appear, and eyesight fades. Injuries occur more frequently and your body fails to repair itself. Eventually, the organs begin to fail and death occurs.


You cannot avoid your DNA becoming shorter as time goes by. But the good news is, by learning how to stop craving sugar (and stop eating it), your hormone intelligence can dramatically influence the speed at which it occurs!


Think of it like the wear and tear you put on a car. The true "age" of your car has very little to do with the year it was made. It's all about the miles and the amount of oil and fuel that have been run through the engine. The same is true for your body. The more sugar calories you eat, the faster you age.

The Ultimate Blood Sugar Cure

If you're currently suffering from a sugar addiction, belly fat, pre-diabetes, or full on Type II diabetes, Mother Nature has your cure—a combination of true cinnamon and whole herb extract of milk thistle (visit Together they work better than Metformin, Glucophage, and prescription insulin at lowering blood sugar, triglycerides, and A1C levels! An added bonus is brighter, younger-looking skin and more energy within a day of using them.


True cinnamon—denoted by its richness in the extract and medicinally active ingredient cinnamaldehyde and the absence of coumarin—rushes to muscle cells to force "insulin sensitivity." This enables insulin to taxi sugar out of the blood and into the cell. Once there, it's burned as fuel, and insulin (a fat-storing hormone) plummets, preventing excessive fat storage.


In other words, medicinal cinnamon does what insulin cannot do when we're carrying too much weight and are insensitive to our own sugar taxi: it triggers the uptake of sugar and other lifesaving nutrients from the blood.

Straight Talk - Sugars

With daily use, true cinnamon revives age-decaying cells and maximizes "hormonal intelligence," thereby warding off all the complications that come with high sugar levels like excess belly fat, wrinkles, age spots, lack of energy, poor sleep, depression, heart disease, and cancer.  Milk thistle has been used for more than two thousand years to treat acute hepatitis, chronic liver disease, jaundice, and gallstone disease. However, its ability to protect us from toxic exposure wasn't discovered until 1949. It showed beneficial effects against toxicity from chemical reagents such as carbon tetrachloride, which can result in liver failure, coma, and even death when someone is exposed to them. However, milk thistle successfully protected the liver, while escorting the harsh, toxic chemical out of the body.


Twenty years later, milk thistle was acknowledged as a therapeutic agent against all types of toxic exposure. Ever since, this natural detox cure has proven wildly beneficial in protecting us from alcohol, environmental toxins, and prescription drugs—and even poisonous mushrooms.


Studying milk thistle's protective qualities, Mayo Clinic announced that, "Multiple studies from Europe suggest benefits of oral milk thistle for cirrhosis. In experiments up to five years long, milk thistle has improved liver function and decreased the number of deaths that occur in cirrhotic patients."


Every minute you spend ignoring these two solutions to rising blood sugar is another minute wasted. As sugar consumption goes up, triglycerides and A1C levels shoot up, along with memory decline and Alzheimer's Disease. The Journal of the American Medical Association warned that today's annual consumption of 75-100 pounds is robbing you of 11-20 years of functional lifespan.

Cinnergy is an ultra-potent blend of medicinal cinnamon and milk thistle. It brings premature aging to a screeching halt by targeting high blood glucose, liver toxicity, and dementia. Coumarin-free, Cinnergy works to restore health by optimizing sugar metabolism without life-threatening side effects common to prescription meds and insulin. Regular use puts an end to high blood sugar, high triglycerides, high A1C levels, and your worries of insulin resistance and Type II diabetes!


The Blood Sugar Cure That Acts Like

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Best Exercise for Hormone Intelligence Therapy

The only way to make exercise work for you is through a phenomenon called hormesis. The word means "to stimulate or set into motion." Hormesis is an evolutionary, adaptive response that ignites a proper hormone balance, output, and sensitivity (BOS).

Neither walking nor traditional exercise programs will suffice, which is why they're failing so many obese exercise goers. The key is to apply a unique combination of aerobic and anaerobic stressors to large muscle groups, at various times and intervals. I designed a FREE app called The 18-Minute Workout that does just that. Download it on your iPhone or Android device and do it every morning, 5 days a week, minimum. From there, you can add the following habits for HIT.

18 Minutes Workout Download

3 Secrets for Living Young with Hormone Intelligence Therapy

1. Get Deep, Restful Sleep Naturally with Serotonin FX.

This is the most important step toward recovery and increasing athleticism. Use Serotonin FX to activate deep, restful sleep. Once it's taken, recovery quickens and aging slows.

Serotonin FX

2. Drink a "Veggie Blend Nutrition Bomb" Once or Twice a Week.


  • Approx. 10-15 ounces of tomato/vegetable juice
  • 1 tablespoon powdered liver (I recommend Perfect Desiccated Liver Powder on Amazon)
  • 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast (I recommend Lewis Labs Brewer's yeast)
  • 1 scoop TPC Essential Greens
  • Squeeze of lemon

3. Get Direct Sunshine

At least 3 times per week for 20-45 minutes (no sunscreen). If you're slathering on or spraying yourself with sunblock, you're doing far more harm than good! Sunscreen is loaded with carcinogens, leading to prematurely aged skin or worst case scenario, cancer.        


Instead, just cover up with red raspberry oil during extended times in sun. During winter, supplement with extra-virgin cod liver oil (Rosita Real Foods). Make damn sure your cod liver oil doesn't have synthetic vitamin D added. 

Poor Health Isn't Hereditary—It's a Choice

With Hormone Intelligence Therapy, you get to choose your own hormonal fate. You get to live young, regardless of any previous excuses—including the "it's in my genes" excuse. Genetics are simply the bullet in the gun. Your habits pull the trigger. Studies from the Human Genome project prove that you weren't meant to live overweight. Your genes respond to your habits, not the other way around. We might not all look the same, but we all can all avoid poor health that stems from weight gain. Sure, there are exceptions—but exceptions don't make the rule.


You'll make mistakes. Slip-ups are okay. What matters most is that if you fall down, don't stay down. Whether it's a period of poor eating, lack of exercise, or even an injury—as a HIT Man or Woman, you'll have the balanced hormones to enable you to get back up.


As sure as a bowling ball will knock down pins, your hormones will react to the HIT Breakthrough. As you know by now, it won't take hardcore willpower. The pursuit of your best body should enrich your life, not detract from it.


Do these habits consistently and you can look forward to tightly defined muscles, the capacity to outperform your peers by a tremendous margin, and if you're really determined—having abs or a backside that people will look at twice. Best of all, that 6-foot strand of code that dictates your hormone intelligence (or ignorance)—DNA—will forever be protected as it guides you toward perfect health and slows the hands of time…without fad diets and prescription meds. Dare to live young. It's on you.

Time To Ditch Your Meds
Time To Ditch Your Meds
Time To Ditch Your Meds
Time To Ditch Your Meds
Time To Ditch Your Meds
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