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My Son's Biology Teacher Actually Did This...

By The People's Chemist

It was a typical Monday at high school… until the biology teacher fell asleep at his desk.


Class went from being a waste of time, to a joke in about 7 minutes. That’s the average length of time it takes for a human to fall asleep from fatigue, meds, sugar or all of the above.


"I hate biology," my son Blair said. He told me about his snoring teacher.


"You don't know enough about biology to hate it,” I insisted. “What you hate is your teacher and the classroom.”


"Well, I have a test on Friday about the six elements that make up the human body and the different types of saccharides. I'm lost."


Easy work.


We started by learning the language of biology, which nobody teaches. 


There are 118 elements on The Periodic Table. Only six appear in the molecules that form the human body—carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur. To help Blair remember these, I gave him the mnemonic, “CHNOPS.” 


Just as bricks create a home, atoms work to make molecules. Saccharides are simply a type of sugar molecule. Your body makes glucose, a monosaccharide.


A saccharide is just a nerdy way of saying “sugar.” There are 3 types—monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide.


Since he's not a moron, Blair could infer that this nomenclature indicates one sugar ring (mono), two rings (di), and more than two rings (poly)…


As far as schools go, I’m not sure what to say about them. I do know that most adults and professionals, in general, are frauds. 


Most adults today have been trained on how to cheat the system, get handouts, virtue signal that they care, and get through life doing the absolute-fu@#cking bare minimum.


A good school is made of good teachers AND good students. If you're in school, you have 5-8 hours a day to STFU and read a book, at the very least. 


And you’d better use that book to teach yourself how to learn.

My Son's Biology Teacher Actually Did This...

There's no excuse for ignorance. Sure, stupidity has no cure. But ignorance is willful. It makes for one hell of an awful life.


Sooooo, when Blair lamented about his teacher, I took the time to "be a dad” and stand on my soapbox.

Learning isn’t about being smart, just like being a good wrestler isn’t about being strong, fast, or having good cardio. 


Sure, certain talents help. But in the long run, success is all about knowing how to learn and how to train in a way that gets the job done! 


You have to be keen on learning how to learn! 


Otherwise you’ll end up a f@#king slave to the system doing whatever you can to get by in life, while making the excuse of, “This is just how it is.” 


Once you know how to learn, life becomes your playground. It's easy. 


Outside of that, it’s drudgery and pain. 


You can see who the slaves are by how they suppress their awful lives with media, food, meds, sugar, pain killers, and alcohol. Their body hides nothing. Shit is exactly what it looks like in this life.


So, make sure you study properly and make the most of the time you spend at school…whether you’re a kindergartener, a senior, studying to get your pilot’s license, or even launching your business.


As far as saccharides go, your body only needs one—glucose.


All the sugary garbage added to store-bought drinks and healthy frauds you see at Whole Foods (e.g., Kombucha, protein drinks, kale snacks, and whatever else) are loaded with a disaccharide known as sucrose or cane sugar. 


It kills you, slowly.


Muscles degrade over time. 


Depression sets in.


Injuries last forever.


You look like shit.


Dementia kicks in.


Belly fat has nowhere to hide.


You lose 11-20 years of your lifespan.


But long before it does that, sugar makes you look like a fool, while you crash out in the middle of teaching a biology class. That’s because your body makes a hormone called insulin, as a mad rush to get sucrose out of the blood and into your muscle cells. Once that happens, blood sugar (glucose) is so low, you’re dead tired.


That’s why I taught all my kids one simple rule:


“If it tastes sweet, spit it out.”


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